Fintech has always been an industry evolving at a rapid clip. Over the past year, against the backdrop of a global pandemic, the industry once hidden in plain sight has elevated itself to the consciousness of anyone even nominally paying attention to macro business trends. The digital economy exploded in 2020, as Fintech services from payments to alternative lending to wealth management underpin much of the services being readily adopted at this moment.

The confluence of rapidly shifting consumer preferences, a low-rate environment and seemingly unlimited capital has resulted in an unprecedented amount of enthusiasm among consumers, operators and investors alike for all things Fintech. It is in the context of this excitement that Fintech South embarks on its 4th annual conference which will be held June 22-24.

Just like you, we are inundated with feelings of Zoom fatigue and are craving the connections we experience when we are able to get together in person. However as this year still contains some uncertainty, we will be holding the event virtually and have connection at our core. We are committed to making Fintech South something you DO, not just watch. Rather than being another talking heads session, we’ll bring the conference to life in an immersive way to experience that connection we long for.

Throughout the three day event, we have built in several opportunities for you to connect with the fintech community including 1:1 networking sessions, live roundtable discussions and unique experiences. It is through this flexibility that you truly will be able to build your own experience with the engagement that you’re hungry for. This is not just a flowery statement, we have gone to great lengths to ensure a unique experience. To that end, WE HAVE AN ESCAPE ROOM!

We are honored to be serving as co-chairs for this year’s event and look forward to connecting with you in June.


Kristin Slink is a serial entrepreneur who has launched and exited several companies in Fintech. She currently serves as the Fintech Program Lead for Georgia’s Tech’s Advanced Technology Development Center.

Chip Harden is a business development professional in the Fintech space, currently serving as the VP of Financial Institution Sales at i2c. Chip and Kristin are Co-Chairs for the 2022 Fintech South, which will take place virtually June 22-24.

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