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The future of financial technology is being redefined by dramatic trends in banking, how payments are being made and new players including healthcare and gaming.  Consumers and businesses alike are demanding environmental, social and corporate governance to address major issues of today to make sure everyone has access to and benefits from our financial systems, that we are managing our resources for future generations, and basic human rights are recognized to provide everyone with opportunities for prosperity.  We live in a dynamic world and there are dramatic trends that will revolutionize, forever change, fintech including metaverse, gaming, authentic identification and cybersecurity.

This year’s theme will be announced soon. Fintech South 2023 will feature 100+ top-tier speakers representing the top companies in fintech globally, all providing insights on the most important trends and how to thrive. The action takes place across the Fintech South Mainstage and Deep Dive Track Sessions. Last year’s sessions included:


  • Identity & Cyber: Identity and Cyber in a highly digitized world
  • Metaverse & E-Commerce: What are the emerging trends to look out for in the Metaverse?
  • Fintech Gaming: Fintech and the Gaming Industry


  • Financial Inclusion: What are Fintech’s doing to expand financial inclusion?
  • Sustainability: How Fintech is decarbonizing the world in their quest for a Green Economy
  • Diversity & Inclusion: What does the Fintech workforce look like?


  • Banking Revolution: Who wins in the new competitive landscape?
  • Payments: Is retail the new banking?
  • Digital Health Uprising: Will we all be healthier and wealthier?


Fintech South is a place to Engage, Connect, Interact, and Learn

Deep Dive Track Sessions

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