When Atlanta's Stage Becomes the World Stage

Fintech South 2021 is built to bring the world together. It’s one of the virtues of virtual. Whether you’re in Atlanta, San Francisco, New York, Toronto, São Paulo, Mexico City, London, Amsterdam, Lagos, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Singapore, Tokyo or Hong Kong, for this week we’ll all be the same distance apart in one virtual space.

On Wednesday, June 23, our main stage became the World Stage, featuring the best in fintech from around the globe. The day was organized into three world regions–EMEA, the Americas, and APAC–as we followed the sun for time zone friendly participation by our international partners. But the international flavor of Fintech South continued all week.

As we prepared for the summit, our team partnered with an amazing lineup of international delegations to utilize Fintech South as a unique opportunity connect the global community with the thriving fintech ecosystem in Georgia. We’re welcomed attendees from all corners of the planet, evidence of how fintech is a truly global phenomenon.

Our 2021 World Stage Partners: