Fintech South 2023: Reliability, Innovation, Transparency

Fintech South 2023 returned to the Georgia World Congress Center in September. This year, we welcomed fintech leaders from around the world for 2 amazing days of content and experiences designed to discuss the latest trends in fintech innovation.

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Dive into Fintech South 2023's theme, Reliability, Innovation, Transparency with top-tier speakers representing the top companies in fintech globally, all providing insights on the most important trends and how to thrive. More content is coming soon!

Fintech South 2023 Recap

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2023 Mainstage

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2023 Highlights

Content covering Fintech’s hottest trends:

  • 130+ top-tier speakers representing the top companies in fintech globally
  • Mainstage Conversations led by fintech leaders such as Rob Park, Jeff Sloan, and Stacey Abrams
  • Nine Deep Dive Track Sessions

Forward-thinking Keynotes to help you thrive: Conversations with industry leaders on the importance of financial inclusion, leading through change, and how partnerships with non-fintechs leads to innovation.

Networking made easy: In-person networking was enhanced with the Fintech South app and Braindate, allowing attendees to set up meetings, direct message each other, and easily exchange contact info.

World-class venue: Fintech South was held in the heart of Downtown Atlanta at the Georgia World Congress Center, convenient to all the city has to offer!

Front page news: Fintech South was covered by industry, regional, and national publications including the Atlanta Business Chronicle and Bloomberg News.

2023 Deep Dive Topics

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

From ChatGPT to Roboadvice: How AI is Transforming Financial Services

  • The Rise of AI in Fighting Financial Crime
  • Intelligent Automation in Financial Services: New Efficiencies and Workforce Realities
  • Real-World Impact of Generative AI: Bend the Productivity and Savings Curve by Optimizing Company Spending
  • Scaling Fairness-as-a-Service: How to Reduce Algorithmic Bias in Financial AI
B2B Fintech

B2B Fintech

B2B Fintech: The Unsung Heroes Powering Next-Gen Financial Solutions

  • Modernizing Business-to-Business Payments Through Enhanced interoperability & Connectivity
  • The Coming Revolution in Embedded Payments
  • Scaling a Fintech Business
Banking Innovation

Banking Innovation

Open Banking & Finance: Data Sharing, Innovation & Access

  • Nothing Immediate About Getting the Greenlight: Two Fintechs’ Journeys to Bank Partnerships
  • Accelerating Digital Transformation in Banking: What Leading FIs Are Doing to Keep Pace and Harness the Latest Technologies
  • Why “Open” is Not a 4-Letter Word in Banking: What Banks in the U.S. Can Learn from the Rest of the World
Blockchain & Web3

Blockchain & Web3

Digital Assets, DeFi & Web3: Why the Future of Financial Services Is Still Powered by Blockchain

  • DLT is Transforming the Financial Services Industry: Where Are You Going?
  • How One of the World’s Largest Payments Companies is Working to Bring DeFi to the Masses
  • Tokenized Economies: Use Cases for Digitization of Real World Assets
Financial Health & Inclusion

Financial Health & Inclusion

Inclusive Fintech: Closing the Gaps, Serving the Underserved

  • Fintech Goes to Work: Powering Financial Health in the Workplace
  • Inclusion As An Innovation Strategy: Boosting Profitability Through Inclusive Design
  • Doing Well By Doing Good: Where Impact Meets Opportunity for Financial Institutions
The Future of Commerce

The Future of Commerce

The Future of Commerce: Fintech for Where, When, and How People Will Shop Tomorrow

  • Serving Up Fintech: A Prominent Atlanta Restauranteur’s Perspective On How Seamless Payments Drive Customer Loyalty
  • AI-Powered Personalization for Proactive Customer Retention
  • Getting in the Loop for Seamless Commerce: Building a Community Empowered Super-App
  • Getting in the Loop for Seamless Commerce: Building a Community Empowered Super-App
Identity & Fraud

Identity & Fraud

White Hats, Black Hats: The Art and Science of Fighting Financial Crime

  • Next Gen Regulatory Compliance for Digital Banks: What Happens When AI Meets Regulation?
  • How Fintech is Unlocking Growth in the Cannabis Industry: Transacting in a Compliant and Lawful Manner
  • The Power of Real Digital Identity: Putting Digital Trust at the Core of Every Customer Interaction
Money Management

Money Management

The Evolution of Money Management: Growing, Protecting, and Sharing Wealth

  • Changing the Relationship Between People and Money: How Fintech Can Influence Smart Financial Decisions
  • Nasdaq’s Global Head of Data On Enabling Global Investors to Build Generational Wealth By Unlocking Access to U.S. Markets
  • Fairer Finance: Fintechs Providing Access for Underserved Investors and to Underserved Competitive Markets
Payments Innovation

Payments Innovation

Crypto, Cross-border, Social & Real-time: The Next Chapter for Digital Payments

  • Unlocking Growth by Sharing Payments Data: Opportunities and Guardrails
  • The Need for Speed: The Launch of the FedNow Service and Industry Perspectives on the Impact of Instant Payments
The Bank and Fintech Relationship

The Bank and Fintech Relationship

The complex relationship between banks and fintechs.

  • It’s Complicated – Friends at Last: The Complex Relationship Between FIs and Fintechs.