Fintech Lives Here

We're in the midst of a massive digital transformation in financial services driven by technologies such as AI and Blockchain - but the real story is how fintech is interwoven into our lives.

Fintech has the power to uplift individuals and small businesses, enable a more inclusive, efficient financial system, and even help preserve our planet.

Fintech lives in human experiences, from empowered customers to pioneering founders, and there is no better place than Atlanta to harness the power of innovation to shape a better financial future.

Still a catalyst for civil and human rights, Atlanta is also a modern, diverse, international city rich in business and tech talent. Join 1,000+ global fintech leaders on August 27-28 at the spectacular Woodruff Arts Center and Atlanta Symphony Hall for the largest fintech event in the South.

Fintech Lives Here!

This is fintech's moment, don't miss out on this event!

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Dive into Fintech South 2023's theme, Reliability, Innovation, Transparency with top-tier speakers representing the top companies in fintech globally, all providing insights on the most important trends and how to thrive. More content is coming soon!

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